Forest ecosystem genomics Research: supporTing Transatlantic Cooperation

Objectives of the dissemination efforts and desirable impacts

FoResTTraC has designed a dissemination and communication plan and initiated a number of actions aimed at reinforcing understanding of the scientific knowledge generated by the Network of Excellence, and at increasing awareness on the conservation and management of terrestrial biodiversity, including genetic resources, among relevant stakeholders, especially policy-makers.

FoResTTraC dissemination activities have the following objectives:

  • Identify appropriate fora and audiences to be reached through awareness raising actions on FoResTTraCactivities.
  • Produce public awareness materials adapted to different users.
  • Organize specific events aimed at creating opportunities for a dialogue between scientists and stakeholders, especially policy-makers.
  • Support relevant initiatives organized by individual teams within the FoResTTraC consortium, by supplying public awareness materials and translating these materials in different languages.

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